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Title: Pies for Your Pi Day Celebrations

Cliffside Commons Blog, Malden, MA  Get ready for Pi Day on the 14th by whipping up your own! Try these recipes this month for a mouth-watering treat.

Welcome back to the Cliffside Commons Blog! We hope you’re enjoying the blog and our apartment community in Malden, MA. Give yourself a reason to celebrate and indulge in a treat by looking forward to Pi Day on the 14th! Whether you like math, numbers, sweets, or all three, these recipes will make for a filling day.


Shepherd Pie from Cutestuff Cooks

Beef and vegetables in a simple tomato sauce, topped by creamy mashed potatoes with cheddar cheese melted over the top — can you say, “hearty meal”? This recipe is for anyone looking for a savory pie to eat this month. It’s still a pie, which makes it the perfect dinner for Pi Day. Who said pie was only for dessert?


Quick and Easy Pie Chart Pi Day Fruit Pizza Pie from Instructables

You can make everyone you’re sharing pie with happy with this one: you can fill each section with a different type of fruit filling. This Instructables tutorial has clear tips for getting the materials you need, preparing the crust, and putting it all together. Then, simply cut and enjoy!


Brown Butterscotch Pie from Chowhound

You might have to spend a little more time making this pie, but we promise it’s well worth it! This recipe uses brown butter. You can make brown butter by melting butter until it starts to give off a slightly nutty smell. This recipe changes up the traditional brown butter recipe by combining butter and brown sugar together for their “brown butter.” Heat and stir this mixture until it begins to give off a “toasted smell.” This recipe is perfect for anyone looking for a challenge and some quality payoff for your work and care.


Lemon Blueberry Cream Pie from Chef in Training

This lemon blueberry cream pie is the perfect way to celebrate the spring. We love how the graham cracker crust, blueberry sauce, and lemon cream pie combine for a treat that has us asking for an extra slice.


What are your favorite pies and pie recipes? Share with the rest of us in the comments so we can complete our repertoire. Thanks for reading. Enjoy, and have a happy Pi Day!