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Tips for Making New Year's Resolutions You Actually Want to Keep

Cliffside Commons Blog, Malden, MA  Help yourself achieve your fun and not-so-exciting goals by trying these tips to make effective resolutions.

Welcome back to the Cliffside Commons Blog! We hope you’re ready for a productive, fun year full of fulfilled dreams, whether in your apartment or exploring Malden, MA and beyond! Of course, for this to be your year you should plan for it! Today we have tips for making new year’s resolutions that will bring joy to your life that you’ll actually want to work on and keep.


Make it enjoyable.

Some goals are easy to make enjoyable; namely, if your goal is to do more of something that you already love or have a passion for. These can quickly turn into work, so find ways to make them special or to continue looking for ways it can bring you joy.


Find ways to make the chore-like goals fulfilling as you work towards them. For example, if your overall goal is to lose weight or keep a more healthy lifestyle, find exercise routines that are fun for you. Try new recipes or even shop at a grocery store you love. Cook for a friend — or otherwise include people you love to be around in your goalkeeping process so it’s more of a task you will look forward to doing.


Look for the joy.

Of course, it’s not always easy to make your goals something you love. And on top of that, sometimes working on something we’re passionate about is difficult and trying. Embrace this so you don’t have to fight the drudgery so much.


Instead, look for something positive or meaningful about your goal or your process. Every day you work on your goal (or every week, if you need a break), write down your progress and one thing you learned or gained extra appreciation from that week. This can help you recognize the progress you’re making while also finding ways to improve, all with a positive mindset that can bring fulfillment you’ll want to continually have and strive for.


Reward yourself.

You deserve to hype yourself up, especially if you’ve been working on something for a while! Treat yourself once you’ve hit a milestone that means something to you. Make your treat something healthy or positive, or something that you can splurge on that will help you continue maintaining your goals — a nice new workout outfit, for example. Continue looking ahead by giving yourself a few other, smaller goals you can work toward and rewards associated with them to make it more exciting.


What are your favorite ways to make goalkeeping more fun, productive, and effective? Share your advice with the rest of us by leaving a comment! Thanks for reading. Good luck, and have fun!