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Personalize Your Apartment

interior of an apartment kitchen

Your apartment is a beautiful space for you to add a touch of your style, flair, and personality. Make your home friendly, welcoming, and totally you by trying the ideas and tips in today’s post of the Strata Blog. We hope that the ideas in our blog help so that the next time you step inside of your Malden, MA home, you’re feeling perfectly ready to relax and enjoy your downtime.

Choose a color scheme.

Before you bust out your favorite knick-knacks and mementos, make sure you have a template for the details. One idea for achieving this is to make sure your efforts look and feel cohesive by choosing a color scheme first. You may not be painting or doing major redecorating of your apartment, but be sure to find a color scheme for your apartment that will work with the items you own. Accent tastefully or form your color scheme with furniture, pillows, lamps, artwork, rugs, and more.

Display your favorite things.

Choose one thing that you think represents you (your love for movies or fun quotes) and see how you can use that to make a theme. Pieces like posters, letter boards, and printables can be fun focal points of a room.

Don’t shy away from nostalgia.

What’s more you than a photo of your favorite travel memory or something you’re proud of framed and displayed for all to see? These trinkets, photos, or larger items can be great conversation starters for any guests you have over, so show them proudly!

Make a craft.

There’s a world full of DIY projects that are fun and beautiful to display. Macrame wall hangings, pot hangers, or table runners are simple and inexpensive to make; they also fit with almost any design scheme. Flower arrangements, planters, and succulents add life to a room and can be personalized to your abilities and your room. Start small and before you know it you’ll transform your home!

What are your favorite ways to make your apartment feel homey and in-tune with your style and personality? Share your tips and ideas with the rest of the apartment community by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading! Good luck, and enjoy decorating!