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How to Keep a Pet Happy and Comfortable in an Apartment


Cliffside Commons Blog, Malden, MA  Our apartment community is pet-friendly. Make use of it by using these tips to make your home a great environment for your pet.


Cliffside Commons is proud to be a pet-friendly apartment community here in Malden, MA. If you’re looking to bring a furry friend into your apartment, be sure to consider these important ways to make sure the transition is a good one for the both of you.


Give them space.

Some animals don’t mind smaller spaces, but others (even if their breed isn’t on our list of restricted breeds) might need more space to roam. If you already have a pet, take note of how they navigate your home. Move furniture so the layout can flow naturally for you both. Move valuables into cupboards, closets, or other enclosed areas your pet doesn’t get into if you’re worried about accidents.


Stay on top of your pet’s health.

Your pet’s health is important for their well-being and the safety of you and everyone else (other animals included!) in the community. Make caring for their health a priority in your life. Bathe your pet, brush their teeth regularly, exercise them, and check up on current or past illnesses to prevent problems. Visit a veterinarian for regular checkups, and don’t be afraid to ask them for help on any behavioral issues you may be encountering.


Address problems.

On that note, remember: Don’t give up if your pet is struggling. House training is possible, even if it seems difficult. Address the “why” of each problem that arises and give your pet healthy alternatives to behavior that you don’t want in your apartment, such as spraying or scratching, barking, or leaving messes inside. Be persistent and know that even if the whole process of keeping a pet is exhausting, the companionship is worth it. It might even help to complete a training class with your pet. Maintain written proof of the class, just like any other document, so you can keep track of your pet’s health.


What other tips would you suggest someone about to adopt keep in mind as they add a pet to their apartment lifestyle? Let us know in the comments so we and all the animals in the community can all benefit.