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Barbecue the Summer Away


Cliffside Commons Blog, Malden, MA  Grilling is easy when you've got a great grilling station at your apartment community! Try out some of our tips for barbecuing!

Longer days provide some great opportunities to get out of your Malden, MA apartment to use our community grilling station! In this week’s Cliffside Commons Blog, we’ve got some tips for hosting a barbecue this summer!



Food is always the highlight of any event, including your barbecue. You don’t need to offer elaborate barbecue fare, although it may be nice. Instead, offer simple foods like burgers, hot dogs, or maybe even some chicken. Check out some of Food Network’s best barbecue recipes to get some ideas about what to serve.


Main dishes are great but don’t forget the side dishes! Again, don’t attempt to go crazy on these dishes, rather find some simple recipes to complement the main meal you’ve prepared for your guests.



If you’re worried about how much things will cost or you don’t have time to do it all yourself,  you can make your barbecue a potluck! If you’re going the potluck route, be sure to provide the main dish and several sides yourself. If you have a theme for your barbecue, be sure to let your guests know ahead of time. Communication is key when it comes to successful potlucks. Consider creating a facebook page or a google sheet to organize your thoughts and to communicate with your guests. Either of these options is great for guests to sign up for different dishes.


Clean Up

When you’re using our community grilling station, be conscious that other community residents will be using the grilling station after you. Clean up after you’ve used the facilities, remembering to remove any excess trash, used plates, utensils, and more. Wipe up any spills that may have occurred during your barbecue,and leave the grilling station better than you found it.   


What are your favorite grilling recipes? Feel free to share in the comments so we can all try them out! Happy barbecuing this summer!